How Do E-Signatures Work?

How Does it Work?
'Sign This Contract' (STC) has a simple yet robust process of executing forms and contracts. You can upload your own PDF or Microsoft Word documents and be off to signing and executing contracts in no time! For contracts or agreements that you will use over and over again, like an NDA, sales proposal, etc., you can create a "Contract Template". When using your "Contract Templates", you can easily set-up and send out a contract for eSigning in less than 30 seconds. We call this process the EasySign® process!

What is EasySign® ?

EasySign® is a convenient, 3-step, electronic signature process created to save time and money while generating a quick and legal solution for all of your contract and document needs. Simply create a "Signing Event" for a professional and organized mobile admin at your service!

How Does EasySign® Work?

Upload your Microsoft Word or PDF (Adobe) compatible format document. Once added to your "Signing Event," you can customize signers and signature fields. Next, simply send out for signature(s). We don’t call it EasySign® for nothing! Your recipient(s) may then e-Sign from their computer or mobile device conveniently and securely.

Step 1: Upload File

From the left navigation menu, select 'New Signing Event'.
Choose from your Saved Contract Templates OR upload a new document. You can upload a new document using "drag-and-drop" or click on the file upload icon to choose a file from your computer.

Step 2: Customize: Add Signers and Custom Data Fields

Add Recipients!
Add email address, First Name and Last Name and click the green "plus" sign to add. (Note contract sender is automatically included.) Also, if you send contracts to the same recipients over and over, their name will automatically be saved in your 'contact list' to facilitate quicker recipient entry!
Add Recipients to your contract
Add Signature Field(s)!
Simply click on signature icon in the top left of your browser – once added you can resize and move around on the page! Select the "Assign Recipient" and link the field to a "signer".
Add one or multiple signature controls to your contract
Add Data Entry Field(s)!
Add any text boxes or other desired controls to the contract to collect supplemental information like company name, signer's name, etc. When you are all finished editing your contract, click the Save button in the upper left of the browser page then click 'Next' or 'Confirm and Send'.
Add textboxes or other controls to your contract

Step 3: Send Out For eSignature

Contract is out for eSigning!
After clicking the "Send This Contract" button, your contract or form is automatically distributed to all recipients for review and/or action! The Contract Sender (and any other recipients indicated) will receive an Event Notification (status update) email as well! The Contract will also move from the "Pending" queue to the "Out for eSignature" queue in the left navigation panel.
Send your contract to recipients for eSigning
Contract Details Page
Customizable Event Notifications
Before sending out the contract, you can specify what level of event detail notifications each recipient will receive. For example, you can notify all people in the signing party when each member has completed eSigning the document. The default setting will always send Event Notifications to the Contract Sender however, you can override this setting and turn OFF Event Notifications. You run your contract signing process exactly the way you want! (The Contract Sender will still see progress updates within their Dashboard upon logging in to STC.)
Events notification

How Do I Get Started?

In the top section of every page on this web site, you can click on the "Try Us Free" button to create your FREE STC Account. Or click "Buy Now" if you are ready to start sending out real contracts for eSigning today!

STC Signing Event:

A 'Sign This Contract' (STC) "Signing Event" is the term used to represent a job that contains the document(s) requiring signature and/or review and the recipient(s) designated to receive the document(s) for signature and/or review. A single "Signing Event" may therefore contain more than one document/form with multiple pages and may be sent to more than one person.
Each "Signing Event" will be assigned a unique reference number and associated to the administrator’s and each signer’s profile record for tracking and reporting needs.

Electronic Signature (e-Sign):

Pursuant to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act ("ESIGN") of 2000, Section 106, the definition of Electronic Signature is as follows:
"ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE- The term 'electronic signature' means an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record."