You'll be on the Fast Track to Success with our E-Sign Software!

On your Mark, Get Set, Go!
STC is your contracts and agreements personal admin ready to make your life easier, production more reliable and business more successful!

“Work smarter not harder” is not just a cliché. Gain more time and let STC “eAdmin” run for you!

Spend more time finding new opportunities and creating relationships. Don't get bogged down in contracts and agreements.

The STC Fast Track

  • “On Your Mark”
    STC will remember and log your most used documents and forms by saving as a Contract Template! No need to recreate the wheel simply select, assign and send. The STC “eAdmin” will ensure your online file folder is organized and ready to go!
  • “Get Set”
    Once your Signing Event is “Out for Signature” STC will immediately notify each recipient and relay updates electronically. Eliminate phone tag, and searching through your sent folder to ensure the email was received and document attached!
  • “Go”
    Tired of following up or thinking that someone else did? Don’t spend your time on repetitive tasks. STC “eAdmin” is customizable to set friendly reminders in order to expedite response and ensure a timely and organized notification. Choose a pre-defined template or type your own specific message.

The Dashboard

  • The Signing Event initiator (person who uploads the contract and sends to people for eSign) has real-time visibility of each and every Contract or Form.
  • Dashboard Summary view: Know how close you are to fully executing your outstanding agreement(s) at a glance.
  • Recipient-level tracking work flow: Need to know more? Quickly view signing status per recipient. Know in seconds if you need eAdmin to prompt the next step!