FAQs: Electronic document signing - Legal electronic document signatures


Sign This Contract (STC) – The eSignature Standard

  • Can STC help me legally and thoroughly execute contracts and agreements?
    STC’s technology and infrastructure was designed to meet and exceed globally accepted standards and laws governing electronic signatures and the processes necessary to support them. In order to maintain our high standards, operational measures include continued industry and regulatory review to ensure a secure, authentic and sustainable solution.
  • How is STC better than paper signatures and faxing?
    Electronic signatures are in fact more secure and represent enhanced safety measures as compared to our old manual methods in executing agreements. You can gain confidence in knowing that signatures may now be traced electronically and agreement (executing the contract/agreement) is recorded at a known place, date and time. We not only know more about the lifecycle of the agreement but each signature applied as well authenticating the designated signor or recipient. In addition, operational and documentation retention efforts are highly improved. We no longer need to worry about losing papers and damaging our master hard copy nor illegible, faulty fax pages that fade in time. Plus, with STC, there is NO possibility that a person executing the contract or agreement can change any of the content without your knowledge. Using a paper sign and email/fax process, it is easy for a dishonest person to change minor wording in a contract to totally change the terms of it. With STC, this is not even a possibility.
  • Why should I choose STC?
    STC is about providing simple tools to replace traditionally complex and costly procedures. We are here to perform the detailed legwork and research necessary to combine the worlds of technology, administration and engagement to make our lives easier and more fulfilling so you don’t have to. The result? Solutions that represent your needs through listening and keeping our eye on the big picture. Our Easy Sign® process was purposely prioritized to optimize the critical and time-sensitive stage of closing a deal, organizing and documenting final project and program design and representing multi-party agreement. Our goal at STC is to maximize operational and organization efficiencies. Choose STC and make that final, all-important critical step painless, quick and rewarding for all involved!
  • What are other benefits of using our electronic signature software?
    Here are some great highlights just to name a few!
      o   Convenient
      o   No alterations to contracts, Tamper-Proof
      o   Secure, Encrypted, Safe
      o   Auto-Tracking, audit trails
      o   Anywhere, Anytime, Mobile, PC, Mac
      o   Green, renewable
      o   Cost Reducing
      o   Professional Image
      o   User Friendly – Quick
      o   Sustaining
      o   Collaborative Signing Process
      o   Faster closing cycles

Electronic Signatures

  • What is an electronic signature (E-Signature, E-Sign)?
    The legal definition of electronic signature as stated in the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 states:

    "ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE- The term 'electronic signature' means an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record”
  • Are electronic signatures legal and recognized?
    Signatures performed electronically online have the same legal effect, validity and enforceability as signatures signed with pen and paper. 'Sign This Contract' (STC) has been developed to meet and exceed regulatory stipulations as adopted and made law by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).
  • What are “advanced electronic signatures”?
    'Sign This Contract' is configured to support Advanced Electronic Signatures as defined within the European Directive on Electronic Signatures (EC/1999/93).

    An Advanced Electronic Signature adheres to the following:
      o   it is uniquely linked to the *signatory;
      o   it is capable of identifying the *signatory;
      o   it is created using means that the *signatory can maintain under his sole control; and
      o   it is linked to the data to which it relates in such a manner that any subsequent change of the data is detectable;

    * Signatory is defined as “a person who holds a signature-creation device and acts either on his own behalf or on behalf of the natural or legal person or entity he represents;”
  • How do I perform an electronic signature using 'Sign This Contract'?
    'Sign This Contract' enables you to sign your document using a mouse, type-to-sign (type in your name and choose your font to adopt your signature) and stylus or finger when using a mobile device. No special equipment or peripherals are needed.
  • Is the electronic signature process safe?
    Electronic signatures provide enhanced safety measures and enhanced legal enforceability as compared to the traditional pen and paper format. Unwanted exposure is significantly reduced by an electronic process. No printing, faxing, e-mailing, mailing or manual routing subject to non-party review and awareness. Only recipients specifically indicated by the signing event initiator will be able to review and/or eSign on STC. Document routing encryption secures the hand-off process, signature authentication measures ensure receipt and “seal” of intended party and loss is no longer an issue as the documents are saved and backed-up within our secured server environment in the Cloud.

STC How-To-Guide

  • How does STC EasySign® Work?
    Upload your Microsoft Word or PDF (Adobe) compatible format document. Once added to your "Signing Event," you can customize signers and signature fields. Next, simply send out for e-Signature(s). We don’t call it EasySign® for nothing! Your recipient(s) may then e-Sign from their computer or mobile device conveniently and securely.
  • What is a Signing Event in STC?
    A 'Sign This Contract' (STC) "Signing Event" is the term used to represent a job that contains the document(s) requiring signature and/or review and the recipient(s) designated to receive the document(s) for e-Signature and/or review. A single "Signing Event" may therefore contain more than one document and/or form with multiple pages and may be sent to more than one person. Each "Signing Event" will be assigned a unique reference number and associated to the administrator’s and each signer’s profile record for tracking and reporting needs.
  • How do I perform an electronic signature using 'Sign This Contract'?
    'Sign This Contract' (STC) enables you to sign your document using a mouse, type-to-sign (type in your name and choose your font to adopt your signature) and stylus or finger when using a mobile device. No special equipment or peripherals are needed. And, nothing more than your standard web browser is required (no plugins like Adobe Flash of Java are required).
  • What kind of files can I upload/use?
    You may upload your Microsoft .doc, .docx or PDF documents. Additional PDF conversion software purchases are not needed to use 'Sign This Contract' (STC). STC automatically converts your non-PDF document to a protected PDF format for you.
  • What is the purpose of a Contract Template?
    This feature is used to customize and save a contract, form or reference document so that you can quickly and easily send out to different parties (like a sales contract or W-4, etc.). Contract Templates are created by your account administrator(s) and are specific to your account. Unique recipient roles may be assigned as well to further streamline generating subsequent Signing Events that utilize a saved Contract Template. For example, if the Contract Template is an application for employment an assigned Recipient Role would be “Applicant.” And then when you create your Signing Event, you would assign the "Applicant" Role to the specific recipient.
  • Do I have to create a Contract Template in order to create a new Signing Event?
    No, upon logging in you may go straight to “New Signing Event” and upload or drag and drop the contract or document from your saved location. Simply customize, send and let the system do the rest! No worries, you will get the option to save your document as a Contract Template for future use should you decide during this EasySign® process.
  • Can I make changes to a Contract Template after I save it?
    Yes, any account administrator will be able to edit a saved Contract Template within your account library or when customizing a new Signing Event that is not already Sent/Out for Signature.
  • Can I add more than one document per Signing Event?
    Absolutely! We know there are many scenarios in which a set of documents may require review and/or signature. For example, real-estate transactions, new-hire onboarding or school program and policy awareness programs. Simply consolidate your forms and content upon document upload or submit for consolidation assistance by one of our customer service representatives.
  • Can I add more than one signing recipient?
    Yes, more than one recipient may be added. Upon adding recipients, simply assign each upon editing your document to customize and control who signs what! If a Contract Template is used, each recipient may be conveniently assigned a role already defined within the template.
  • What if a recipient does not have a STC account?
    No worries, a recipient will receive the routed Signing Event as long has he/she has a valid Internet email address. Upon receipt, the recipient will have the option to create an account or simply sign without creating an account. At that point a “signor profile” is generated in the system so the recipient will have future access to the executed document within the account library even if they did not create a STC account.
  • How do I know who has signed and who has not?
    No more emails, texts and phone calls to find out status! Simply review your STC account dashboard for a real-time status at a glance.
  • Can I make some fields in my contract required and some optional?
    Yes, the Account Administrator may update the settings within the field settings toolbox to indicate required or optional for each textbox or signature field added.
  • Can I set reminders for those that have yet to sign?
    Yes, custom reminders may be set in order to prompt a recipient that has yet to take action and execute the document.
  • How long does a recipient or Account Administrator have access to an executed document through STC?
    All Signing Event participants maintain access to the executed document as long as the Account it is created within is Active. Upon subscription termination the STC Account owner will be notified of a specific grace period in order to access and save on his/her own server or computer prior to the grace period expiration date. All Signing Events will continue to be encrypted and archived within the STC environment. A small fee may be required to obtain a copy of an executed document for Inactive/Terminated accounts. See Terms and Conditions for more details.