eSign Benefits

'Sign This Contract' (STC) EASY SIGN®

  • Whether you are using 'Sign This Contract' (STC) for personal or business all Signing Events support a quick, cost-effective and organized signing experience for all involved. Not to mention a more green solution for our day to day operations.
  • Enjoy immediate gratification and a winning customer/recipient experience. Legal, binding, authentic and concise all at your fingertips.
  • STC Easy Sign® anywhere! Use your mobile smart phone, tablet or laptop to quickly send or execute an STC Signing Event. No more waiting to get to the office or wondering where the envelope got lost!


  • Keep an electronic copy for yourself but never fear, we’ve kept an encrypted copy on your behalf just in case! Our cloud-based service and repository is secure and available anytime.


  • Let STC run for you. The STC “Fast Track” features are an all-in-one solution for preparing, sending, tracking, executing and filing our important documents and simplifies accountability and follow-up.
Save Time
Save Time
  • Precise: Generate and save reusable templates specific to your STC Account and needs. Eliminate re-typing, manual preparation or missing critical form features – they will already be there and will prompt for assignment each and every time!
  • Paperless: Encourage this “green” practice in your office or home and omit unnecessary clutter and confusion or trying to locate important documents.
  • Fast: Initiate the signature process immediately and conveniently. Obtain response and execute a contract in a fraction of the time. From weeks to literally minutes!
Save Money
Save Money
  • Reduce Expenses: Office supplies, shipping, travel, overhead ... just to name a few.
  • Optimize human resources: Stop running to the printer, fax and mail room or spending your thoughts trying to figure out why you received a “return to sender” notice! Put “this” deal in the hands of STC and let the system run for you. On to the next task!
  • All-in-one Document Management: Consolidate your document preparation, distribution and retention resources. Active subscribers may rely on STC to retain critical forms and contracts, securely and cost-effectively. We don’t just help you sign, we help you sleep!
Everywhere, All the Time
Everywhere, All the Time
  • With STC there are no business hours. Conduct your business or personal affairs any time of the day.
  • Sign or ask someone else to sign from any room or altitude.
You Are Not Alone
You Are Not on Your Own
  • The STC support team is attentive to our client needs with a friendly and open-minded ear. We focus on and encourage the small details felt day in and day out that lend themselves to greater efficiencies and results.
  • Although our goal is to create a truly user-friendly and self-sufficient solution, our team provides web-based as well as classroom training sessions. Schedule a team review or one-on-one customization session. STC is your partner and we are eager to help!

Who can benefit from STC?

Any person or business can benefit from STC’s Easy Sign® features! Here are just a few examples:

  • Individual/Personal Use:
    • Permission Slips
    • Media Release Forms
    • Liability Release Forms
    • Event and Program Coordination
    • Information Routing
  • Small & Medium Business:
    • Work Orders
    • Invoices
    • Purchase Orders
    • Supplier Management Forms/Contracts
    • Vendor Agreements
  • Enterprise:
    • B2B Negotiation and Statement of Work
    • Customer Account Lifecycle Documentation
    • HR Records Management
    • New Employee packets and paperwork to sign
    • Policy and Procedural Communication and Circulation Tracking
    • Cross-stream departmental workflow processing (project approvals etc.)
    • Further enhance Key Performance Indicators
  • Organizations/Committees:
    • Board Member Approvals
    • Nomination and Voting Procedure Support
    • Central Documentation Portal with Audit Trail
    • Citation, Compliance and Policy Adherence Forms


  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Public/Private Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services – Construction
  • Professional Services – Legal
  • Professional Services – Finance and Accounting
  • Professional Services – Education and Development

Area of Business

  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement / Contracts Administration
  • Legal/Regulatory Affairs
  • IT/Project Management
  • Product Development / Research and Development
  • Marketing
  • Finance