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About Us - Electronic contracts - How to sign contracts online Free

Our Mission

Helping the world agree one contract at a time!
'Sign This Contract' (STC) was carefully designed by business and technical visionaries to support the “Anywhere” productivity platform, leverage technological efficiencies, and streamline communication for the way you live and work. At STC we know that cutting edge business practices are necessary in keeping up with evolving professional expectations, mobile advancements and cultural implications. Our goal is to support every business environment and your contract eSigning needs by staying ahead of the paperwork curve and outdated collaboration methods.
Let STC help you readily communicate, expedite response and feel good getting things done!

Why Choose Us?

Because 'Sign This Contract' (STC) is dedicated to raising the innovative bar to help us professionally succeed, build loyalty and enhance life-balance through a simple touch of a button or swipe on our mobile device. STC connects people and deals with interactive software that includes: electronic signature processing, custom template creation and retention, information-sharing, contract negotiation and execution tracking, activity tracing and document archive.
Need to know more? We are happy to share the following through our own experience, client feedback and STC reward:
  • 1.
    Easy and reliable. 'Sign This Contract' (STC) is the easiest and most reliable means in getting your contracts and important documents executed. STC understands that time is a precious commodity and cloning human action and memory with solid technical support is priceless.
  • 2.
    Ease of mind. We’ve done the leg work and research for you. You can trust that your digital human seal is 100% regulated, legal and universally recognized. Leave the worry behind and spend your mind wisely and to your daily advantage.
  • 3.
    Respect others. Avoid antiquated methods and procedures and delight your customers with an efficient, timely and organized collaboration experience. A smart example in rewarding smart choices.
  • 4.
    Reduce cost. Save a trip to the office supply store, unnecessary equipment service calls and repetitive road trips. A win-win for all parties involved!
  • 5.
    Personal and organizational satisfaction. Avoid the ebb and flow of phone tag delays and broken scanners. Spend time on the next opportunity and reward today’s wins instead of repetitive tasks.